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Writing Drabbles: Binge Drinking and Night Owl
- Binge drinking: the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time -
Another glass slammed down onto the table, a small piece sliding off the table and onto the carpet floor. He scowled, swaying as he got up from his seat and ambled outside the room. His eyes were glossed over, his fingers tightly clenched around the neck of the bottle as he tripped slightly over a shoe and fell face-first on the wooden panels near the door.
A bunch of snickering surrounded his form, the tone rather high-pitched as the drunk dhampyre pulled himself up from the floor. He shot the group maniacally laughing a dark look as he steadied his footing, just to be kicked back to the ground with a flat-footed shove.  The owner of said shove glowered down at him, smiling wickedly as a hard-soled boot kicked him in the side. A second kick sent him sprawling back to the floor, his lip sliced by the glass shard in front of his face. Feeling the warm liquid, Vincent caught a thir
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Vincent and the Gods Part XIII
I never thought I would grow to despise a god.
I hadn't asked for the appearance of strangers to step in and invade my world. I didn't ask for help, didn't ask for someone to strong-arm me into opening up, didn't ask for two immortals to come and handle me if I was an "immature child".
The moment I was located by the blonde-haired god, I refused to respond or react to him. He grabbed my shoulder and dragged me to my feet, but I chose to fight his hold. I pulled out of his grasp and stormed out of the alleyway. I wasn't able to get far until Thor caught up to me, angrily demanding I answer him. Answer why the villagers hated me, why I put myself into situations no one would dare involve himself in.
I turned sharply to face him, the warmth of controlled rage burning beneath my skin. "You have no idea what I've been dealing with. They hate me because I'm fucking different from them. I'm just like those damned wretched creatures I hunt and kill, those same creatures who harm humans." I cou
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Vincent and the Gods Part XII
I woke in a start, gasping for air as I bolted up. Glancing around, my eyes scanned the dimly lit room for the two Norse brothers just to find myself alone. Nothing more than a nightstand covered by a lamp and a sheathed sword resting beside it. My shoes were near the end of the bed, along with clothes hung over the wooden frame. The rest of the room was the equivalent of a guest room with a second bed minus decent lighting and an air freshener.
"Right...." My head dropped into my left hand, trying to recall exactly how I had gotten here. The house up in smoke. Thor trying to encourage me up and towards the inferno to retrieve my things. Loki telling him to stop it and leave me alone. Then nothing.
The sound of voices behind the door made me drop back into the mattress, my head against the pillow and the covers up to my shoulders, and turn away from the door. I shut my eyes, still trying to figure out what I was drawing a blank on.
"I did not know he would freeze up." Thor, apparently.
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Crimson Ravenwing
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So yeah,

I finally have enough done of my 'Vincent and the Gods' fic that I feel comfortable to post it up in parts. 
(But I'm not sure if anyone's really willing to read it though....)

Would anyone want to read it ????


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